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Monday, March 26, 2012

I yuv goats

I yuv goats

Words from the mouth of our adorable 2 year old….it is truly  hard to believe that his “roots” are in a large city…he is truly a country boy.  He loves being dirty, playing in the mud, chasing the chickens, playing with the goats, picking flowers, and being barefoot. And he is also obsessed with Dora and Diego (particularly with the “rescue rope”) and also dinosaurs and rocks. Tammy is convinced that he is going to be a paleontologist.  I believe that she would be thrilled with her very own little Ross Gellar. 

I may not have given birth to Jack Henry, but he is truly “mine.”  He can really shoot some looks and will give you his heart and soul until you trample on his….I cannot believe that he will be 3 years old in September.  He came home to us straight from UNM Hospital at the age of 3 weeks.  When Tammy got him out of his carseat that day, she said “this is our baby.”  Little did I know that she was right J

Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Social Worker to Goat Farmer

“From Social Worker to Goat Farmer”  by:  Honey Harris

Someday..this will be the name of my book.  For now, I am still a social worker and mom and part-time goat farmer…Tammy on the other hand says that she will NEVER return to social work and is a full-time mom and a full-time farmer.  J  But our current arrangement certainly works for us.  I love my job and would likely go insane if I were at home all of the time; and she likes to be here full-time; so it is truly perfect. 

We have learned that it is “o.k” to do this farming thing the way that works best for us.  We are truly both happy when we are in way over our heads, and have lots of different things going at once, and our farm is that way too.  We have the goats and chickens, pigs, mini horses, garden (vegetables and herbs), bees, fruit trees, we are going to try grapes this year; and in our future, wine and cheese.  We are even contemplating tapping maple trees.  So there is no telling where all of this may take us in the future. 

And the kids are right in the middle of it and I couldn’t be happier.  Will any of them take over this operation in future?  Who knows…but they are enjoying and learning so incredibly much right now. 

Until next time…and watch for my book J

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sex Ed 101

Our 3rd baby goat was born on Friday afternoon.  His mother, Katie, did not show signs of distress for as long as Nina did; so he came very quickly after her first signs of labor.  I was not at home; and Tammy did not expect to do a homeschool lesson in goat birthing on that day….but you have to take the opportunities when they arise.  Tammy and the kids got home and were checking on her every 15 minutes (Tammy and the girls were alternating).  She was trying to make them a part of the process but was not planning on them actually witnessing the birth this soon.  She was planning to talk to them about it first; but time did not allow for that. 

Kennedy got back from her “shift” and said “Katie is making a lot of funny noise and has a big poop coming out.”  This was after about 30 seconds of her stammering over her words…..(by the way) Kennedy gets very distracted on her way to the barn.  She plays with the cats, picks flowers, etc.  If you want something quickly, you must send Sophie to get it.  She is definitely the speed of that duo.  If you have time to kill, then send Kennedy. However, Tammy didn’t realize that this was going to be an imperative “shift.”  So, after Kennedy was able to spit the words out, Tammy ran to the barn to check and Katie was having her first baby.  Our 3rd baby goat, and another male; not exactly what we wanted in regard to profit, but “oh well” what can you do? 

The results of Sex Ed 101:  Robert was disgusted….Sawyer was a little horrified…and the others didn’t seem to know what to make of this event.  But, Tammy explained that Katie and Jobie (one of the males that we just sold) made the baby, and that is why Katie had been pregnant, and now she had a baby.  This scenario even fits today’s society in that all of these young men have multiple children with multiple girls and leave-lol; I have certainly been in social work too long!

Here is a photo of the kids in the barn during the big event.  Tammy said “cheese” and there you have it.  Oh and the kids were eating chocolate ice cream right before the birth occurred; evidenced by their little faces.  

And Tammy learned that sometimes in regard to teaching your children life's lessons, with some things, all you have to give are the basics; and a lengthy explanation is not needed.  For those of you who know Tammy well, you will understand that this has been quite a lesson for her.  J

And here is a photo of Katie cleaning her baby.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We created a website-take a look

I just updated my website! Check it out: via #Vistaprintwebsites

The 6th day of the month

So..a wise old man once told me that major changes in a person's life should take place on the 6th day of the month. my progression of learning to take care of myself again (very difficult when you are a foster parent); I have used this logic.  And this month I am very energized about this concept..major changes ahead...I am trying to get my girl on board with the health part of this, but as I was on the treadmill this morning at 5am; she was laying in bed watching me while eating her waffles...oh well; small steps I suppose; at least she was awake :)

Our little farm has reminded me of what one needs to do to be healthy; both mentally and physically.  My job has also done the same.  Every Wednesday I sit in committee and I am reminded of the MANY comorbidities that accompany obesity, and I have pretty crappy genes, so it is imperative that I do all that I can to counter this process.  I also think that our farm has rejuvenated my dad and given him a "project."  One of the elders at his church is even giving us a goat milking stand and my father is getting back to his farming roots through helping us. As with most people, he does much better with a purpose, and I see a new light in his eyes that I have not seen for a very long time. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

We are in business-GOATS and CHICKENS for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day….we have had 2 farmers stop by today and buy goats from us; our 2 adult males.  One of them may also come back tomorrow to buy our baby boys.  Wooohooo-it finally feels like it is coming together.  These 2 adults males are beautiful and healthy and have impregnated all 5 of our females; Nina, who gave birth 2 weeks ago, Katie, who will give birth within one month or so; and our 3 younger females who are “barely” pregnant (goats carry for 5 months).  So, we are finally starting to feel like a real farm and like our dream is coming true…It has certainly given me the “boost” that I needed to get this place operating and moving.  We are also ready to sell chickens (they were born early November and will be ready to lay eggs in April/May); and we will sell them for $10.00 a piece and offer discounts for multiples.  Besides being great for farms; these would be great urban chickens because you can buy just a few (when you order you have to order 25 at a minimum; and also because our chickens are very tame and have been handled a lot by our children and by us).  All of our chickens are from a credible company; and our goats are from a reputable Grade A farm. Some of our chickens are good for dual purpose (eggs and/or meat); and also our goats are dual purpose as well; (dairy and/or meat).  Please contact us either through Facebook or at if you are interested in either goats or chickens-thanks!!