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Saturday, December 8, 2012

In this house...Barbie always dumps Ken for GI Joe

Our lives have been incredibly insane lately.  The kids returned to school, we have had activity after activity after activity....blah blah blah.....and sometimes you just need a change of pace.

So, we started a new tradition at our house today.  The kids "drew names" among themselves and then we took them shopping to buy gifts for the person who they picked.  We all had a great day and they really took the time to find a great gift for their person. 

We also went to lunch today WITHOUT a diaper bag (first time in many, many years), did not have to ask for a high chair, and only had one drink spilled at the table.  They were all so incredibly well-behaved.  This Santa stuff really works.

"Santa" also did a little shopping today, and we were looking at Barbies, which are often paired with Ken in the packages these days.  Well, at our house, Ken never makes it out of the toy box and GI Joe always takes his place.  Love it.  And love these kids...sometimes I need days like today to remind me just how much. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pay it Forward

Treat people the way that you want to be treated.  I wish I knew how many times that I had said this over the last 10 years during this time that we have been parents.  I have been following Harvest Moon Farm on FB and when I saw the tragic event that occurred with their goats; I knew that we had the ability to fill a need and help them out by offering one of our goats.  The kids are excited that we are able to help another farm. 

I haven't blogged since July...just couldn't find the motivation.  I don't know why.  But I think it is back. 

We have made some changes since the last time that I blogged.  The biggest change; the kids returned to "regular" school.  I think that there are both positives and negatives to this decision, and I will probably blog on my many, many feelings about this subject at another time. 

Pay it forward!!