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Friday, May 10, 2013

Life with a 3 year old boy

Life with a three old boy is never dull...Yesterday ours decided that instead of continually asking for popsicles he would just go get the box and hide them all over the house so that he could eat them whenever her wants.  Great 3 year old logic....we have already found 2 melted popsicles under the couch. 

Three year old boys never stop moving..unless they are asleep and then they crash and waking them is quite a feat.  Three year old boys don't like to take showers or baths and they like to play in the mud.  They are extremists and are either throwing fits or they are just as loving as a person can possibly be. 

My 3 year old boy is the baby of our very large family.  He is a true clown.  He makes us all laugh and has a big smile on his face 95% of the time.  I love him with every inch of my soul.  Tammy brought him to me when he was 3 weeks old.  He was supposed to be with us in foster placement "for a few months" and we adopted him 15 months later. 

He opened my heart. 


  1. How beautiful is he....melted popsicles and all :)
    (I hope they were still in the bag so that the melted part didn't get all over)

  2. Thank you; and yes they were!! Lol