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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The prejudices of a small community

We think of ourselves as such a "regular" family in so many ways.  We are 2 moms; all of our kids are adopted; 2 are Hispanic; but to us, we are just that; "us."  We may not be able to legally marry, but we are much more married and committed to one another and our family than many others I know.  Our kids may not have been born from our wombs; but they could truly not be any more "ours" than they are.  So; when an experience like what happened today at a local business happens; it catches us off guard.  We were refused service; flat out.  We went in, had to get our own table because they refused; and then they refused to wait on us.  Really...isn't it 2011?  Aren't there enough "social issues" out there in the world that we could stop focusing on a same sex couple who wants nothing more than to parent so many kids who are unwanted in the world???????  Give me a break.........who are we hurting?  And I REALLY love the reference to "these kids need a dad."  Um....none of these kids had a dad in their lives before....oh well, ignorance is bliss. 

Some of the downfalls of farming...

Most of the things that we are doing on our farm are very new to me.  Except for the gardening (which I am in charge of-lol); I am truly on a learning curve.  In the past fews days, we have (unfortunately) discovered some of the sadder parts of farming.  One being that one of our baby goats that we were supposed to pick up in a few weeks has died.  Another is that Tammy got flogged by our big rooster "Kenny" and has really hurt her leg.  Of course; she is so hard-headed that she refuses to seek medical attention; so I am nursing her-lol. 

I also have this continuing need to decide what I am going to do (career wise) with the rest of my life.  Do I farm/have the store full-time.  Do I work full-time outside of the home?  Part-time outside of the home?  Decisions, decisions....We are also trying to decide about the homeschooling issue.  Part of me says to send the kids to school; the other half of me says "no way!"  Part of our intent when we began this last chapter of our lives was to homestead and homeschool; but we are starting to let others influence our decisions....we will see how this pans out!!

As far as the chickens, go they continue to multiply.  It has been decided that Kenny is being escorted off the farm to live in other pastures.  It has truly been an experience watching the chickens with their chicks.  It is amazing to see that they each parent differently and some are more attentive then others; so much like their human counterparts. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

A bit of our history.....

I thought that I would back up and share a bit of history about our family and the way that it was "built."  My girl and I have been together since October 1998...sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday; but what an adventure we have had.  We have lived in 4 different states; which has led us right back to home, where we belong. 

While it was still "just us" we had a bit more time (and money!) to travel, shop, etc. We even packed up and moved to New Mexico; even though neither of us had even ever visited.  But all I can say is that things do turn out as they should.  Who would have known that we would have ended up with a house full of kids??
We cared for 48 children over the course of 7 years as foster/adoptive parents.  Some for a few days...some for a few weeks; and some are forever ours; whether they are physically still with us or not.  Many of our children were supposed to come to stay with us "for a few days" HA.  And then a year our two later we ended up in Children's Court with them celebrating their adoption :) 

To be continued.......

The last day of spring

I think that this is kind of a funny title.  It is as hot and muggy as I can remember for an evening in June...but the first official day of summer is not until tomorrow.  We have had a busy week already; our 15 year old left for 13 days of military camp yesterday, and our 6 year old has soccer camp all of this week.  The garden is growing like crazy, and I spent most of my evening after work weeding and picking fresh veggies.  There is something therapeutic about growing and eating vegetables that you have planted yourself.

Also, big trauma in any of you who know us and our children are well aware of; "Tigie" is very important around here to our next to youngest.  Tigie has been a saving grace in regard to our move, difficult visits with birth parents, and going to sleep each and every night.  Well...the baby decided to name his zebra "Tigie" and our 3-legged dog ate one of the baby Tigie's legs off today....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harman Farm 2011

Lots of changes on Harman Farm since I last posted...we have gotten 2 beehives that are rapidly working on producing honey...lots of baby chickens born, garden is growing like crazy, fences are being built, goats are growing and will be ready to breed and milk in a few months, and the children are growing like weeds as well :).  I am contemplating a career change that will take many years to manifest; but looking for the best way to support my family; both financially and otherwise.  Also in our future:  Harman Merchantile, a small country store that will be right here on our little farm. 

Father's Day 2011

Well; no dads in our house; but lots of dads who are important to us; including our own and the many men who have been present in our lives and influenced us.  Days which honor parents can be a bit of a challenge with adopted kids as it tends to bring up a lot of "stuff" that can be difficult to deal with.  However, just as with any other experience; we have challenged our children to "use" their experiences to help others; rather than relish in it.  As a social worker and an adoptive parent, I am a firm believer in this.