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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Loss and Victory

Sad day on Harman Farm today…we got up this morning and Betty had died.  L  This is definitely a part of this “farm stuff” that we do not handle so well……..However, this did open the door to talking to the kids about death and dying.  They all knew that Betty had been sick but we had all been working hard to get her well.  And I resisted doing the “I told you dance” to Tammy……

On a much happier note, Sawyer cocka’d (sp) in the potty today-woooooohoooooo!!!  The things that I get excited over these days is pretty pathetic J  This is one of the many words that we picked up in New Mexico, along with hita and hito.  We also picked up the word manano; along with the attitude and we love it.  Tammy has always been such a Type A personality and New Mexico had such a positive effect on her in regard to slowing down a bit. 

The rain this week has been tough on the famdamily.  We are all a bit stir crazy, from the dogs to the kids to the goats to us.  I have a 3 day weekend this weekend-wooohoooo!!  I sure hope that the weather gets better.  We have plans for a trip to the zoo and to Josephine Sculpture Park!


  1. RIP Betty.
    Bless your hearts. Miss you!!!

  2. As an animal lover, it really hurt me to hear that Betty had passed. But then my second thought was thank God for Tammy Harris. I know that I give her a hard time. . . but in all honesty, I can only think of a couple of people that I think so highly of. Tammy gave Betty a couple of extra days where she was outside, walking, and playing a little, versus passing in a box where she never saw outside. You and Tammy, wow, some fantastic people, and I love you both dearly!!!!!

  3. Thank you T-I thank God for Tammy Harris every day as well; even though you should have warned this little girl ;) She is one of the kindest and most loving people on this earth, despite her "tough" exterior. You and I are some of the very few people that she has really ever "let in." Love you T-