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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello everyone and welcome to Harman Farm!
We are quite an unusual "little" family.  Let us introduce ourselves...we are a 2 mom family with 6 kids.  We (the moms) moved our family "back home" to Kentucky from New Mexico; where are all of our children were born and adopted by us.  We decided that we wanted a better, more serene, and more peaceful life for ourselves and for our children.  So...we packed up 6 kids, a variety of animals, and everything we owned and put it in a U-Haul and moved back home to homestead and homeschool.  Our goal is to become as self-sufficient as we can and to teach our children all of the things that we feel are important; a good education, hard work, family, and values.  We feel like "outsiders" in this new movement of homesteading because we are so non-traditional.  So...we wanted to share our story and our adventure in hopes that we may assist others along the way.