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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Because of my lack of patience, I often get frustrated and feel that we should be further along in this process....both Tammy and I are ready to make goat cheese, make lotion and soap and get the ball rolling.  But when I take a deep breath and look around at all of the changes that we have made already, not only in regard to the farm; but homesteading and becoming more "green"and it really is significant.  Little changes really do add up....we haven't used a dryer since March and line-dry all of our clothes, haven't used a dishwasher in over a year, use cloth napkins, we are re-sealing our baseboards to save energy, we don't use our central air conditioner, we can a lot of our own food, we only use eggs off of our farm, make our own noodles, bake a lot of our bread, have given up cable (since March 2011), and spent a great majority of our time in the great outdoors.  However, two things that I will never give up are highlights and the internet. :)

Here is a photo of Sawyer on his 4th birthday; just because I like it.  He is always so serious and it is nice to him being silly. 


This used to be my strong-point...I write everything down...color-coded...etc.  I always had a calendar or 2 and a multitude of lists, etc; and I was always so very productive.  What has happened to me?  In the time that I need it most as we are building a farm and attempting to build a small business, I seem to have lost my ability to organize.  Maybe it is because all of these children "suck up" my brain cells?  Maybe it is because I feel torn in 20 directions all of the time?  I am not sure.  I am really trying to get back on track and it is certainly more of a "need" than a "want." 

I am researching programs for farms and small businesses...ideas??